How many writers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Answer: Zero. They’re too busy sitting in the dark with their laptops, tapping out rewrites.

And that, my friends, is why you haven’t heard from me.

I have absolutely nothing interesting to report, except to quote Hemmingway, an author who famously agonized over every sentence, that “the only kind of writing is rewriting.”

When I embraced the writerly life late in life, I thought it would be a refreshing change from my previous career as a model and actor. Those jobs required a zen-like approach to a life that was either careening at full-tilt or skidding to a screeching halt.

Since then, I’ve learned that writing is no different; the creative high is great, but the lows are what will kill you.

The good news is the manuscript edits, copy-editing, and proofreading are behind me; it’s now out of my control and up to my readers to decide.

Next on the agenda is to emerge from a three-year, hermetic existence and suddenly become a marketing genius on social media. On the platform of my choice—FB, IG, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, whatever—my publisher expects me to miraculously burst forth, drawing thousands of followers with my unique mission statement. On what grounds or by what message, I’m not exactly sure. A TikTok boomer dancing to “Moves like Jagger?” An aging Instagram model, weeping and baring her soul? A silver-haired Facebook vigilante trumpeting silver-is-the-new-blond? Oh wait, all of that is already out there.


Maybe I’ll take a cue from an episode on Seinfeld, where George and Jerry pitch their show as a show about…

Absolutely nothing.

One thought on “How many writers does it take to change a lightbulb?

  1. Yea and look at the everlasting appeal of Seinfeld & Friends… syndication forever. Lucy & Ricky . The Honeymooners… A great song…. (‘Spooky’ for Halloween:) Am wit youze, JR:) but it’s not about nothing. What’s Nothing is the noisy racket of an endless 25/7 news cycle, the clogged atmosphere, biosphere, stratosphere … Few know how to stop & truly listen for &/or hear their own heartbeat/ ‘Intuition Whispering’ anymore w/o seeking strangers’ online approval … Creativity is simply a fluid state of mind /being, ‘occuring’ anytime/anyplace…zero rules apply … You’ve created something which will bring new demension thru whomever’s reality it will be filtered / touch — and will affect your reader however it will… The beauty and power of story… Who can say &/or predict more… or ‘ outcomes’? No one. Everything that’s Anything, day to day hour to hour dusk to dawn moment to moment is simply an impression, an experience; place, person, activity, duty… all about a vibe … We often find/literally trip over what we’re seeking when we’re ready and paying attention, quite often I’d say… That’s my 2c. Why do all (marketeers, listen up:) seek the ‘ mass appeal’ anyway… Or equate it w ‘success’ or ‘a successful venture’ , way to go, rah/ blah, rinse /repeat … Seems preposterous … and I get it. Bottom lines. Sales rock. Word of mouth takes some worthwhile time… Not everything everlasting was/is an Overnight sensation. Time is a powerful healer when applied… Patience is what’s needed. Who has time for that! 🙂 … Timing is luck and Zeitgeist. Slow burn, perhaps… Wtf knows. Shrug. Again, No one.
    You’re sharing your life experience as a journey still in process… Not Answers, per se.. And altho you’re among the glorious species of gorgeous human silver foxes roaming the planet, I realize we came of age in the 60s… to me meaning we’re open & flexible & seekers of truth and wisdom and remain open to others’ povs. We respected the wisdom of the Timeless/ the Ageless then and ongoing… which I don’t really see our online Kultcha embracing, today. Don’t make me Sing! At least not the noisiest parts… You are a wise timeless comedic soul who does not need a clever pitch to sell your book.
    The stories you shared while working together on location and/or during waits at in -person auditions & callbacks or whenever we’d have some serendipitous encounter together always made me laugh out loud while being insightful and wise. What more can anyone desire from any human connection ?


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