I’m a late bloomer, recovering procrastinator, irreverent baby-boomer mom to a teenager, adventurer, truth seeker, writer, wife, and entrepreneur.

I’ve been a risk taker my whole life and believe that it’s never too late to begin again…at least until the coffin is nailed shut.

What Readers are Saying About Unmoored

“An explosively rendered family drama, a deeply honest coming of age story…”

Michael Zam, writer/co-creator Feud: Bette and Joan

“I read a lot and it is not easy to do what you do – make the reader feel like they are there. I never would have guessed that you could write a saga with so many details, such passion, such beauty, such horror, such specificity of action as well as feelings. Not only did I think I was there, but I felt what you were feeling. It can not be overstated – that is an extraordinary ability. I may be your first fan but there will be many.”

S.A. Younts, author All the Words on Stage, A Complete Pronunciation Dictionary for the Plays of William Shakespeare and Audio Shakespeare Pronunciation App

“J.R. Roessl unflinchingly turns the traditional family sailing saga on its head. Months of hardship at sea don’t coalesce into emotional bonds. Instead, as a sixteen-year-old, the author faces down the truth that she must dig deep within herself to untether from a splintered family dream veering disastrously off course.”  

Cynthia Barrett

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